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Tuesday, June 30, 1970

The Summer of 1970. Listening to real rock with Jimmy Sullivant

In 1969 we moved from downtown Little Rock to the suburbs. Southwest Little Rock, in the Rosewood Apartments on Lancaster Road. Wakefield Elementary would be my school from second till sixth grade. We lived less than two blocks from the school.

Somehow early in 1970 I met Jimmy Sullivant. We were both nine years old, but was way different from most kids our age. All he was interested in was:
  1. Starting a psychedelic rock band.
  2. Find pot plants growing in the woods behind the Rosewood Apartments.
  3. Find some local girls to get laid.
Jimmy pretty much stuck to this plan for oh..about 4 decades. He is still a professional rock guitarist.

That summer was crazy. Woodstock and the first landing on the Moon was just a year before. Southern culture was more on the wane than at anytime before or since. Flower power and space exploration had its spell cast on all culture in America. We were just two particular instances. We so wanted to be hippies. We wore our shirts un-buttoned, avoided sports, said hello by flashing the V peace sign and saying "hey man", talked about chicks, and listened to Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida...over and over and over. The long LP version.

Once, later that year, Jimmy got out a truly new kind of music: he played all of Paranoid by Black Sabbath. I admit, with embarrassment now, the music went way over my head. I didn't like it, I didn't understand it. Keep in mind I had okay music taste -I liked the Kinks, Beatles, Rolling Stones, and CCR. Paranoid was like from another planet though.
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