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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photo Journal: Snow in Fremont (neighborhood of Seattle)

I know this is an autobiographic blog, and relies foremost on telling stories through text. But sometimes just a series of photos tell a story as well, and in some cases the photos themselves are the most interesting thing to come out of that day.

These photos were taken in a time when I was a stay at home dad, my son North was two years old, and we lived in the very core of Fremont, in the Bridgeview Apartments near the corner of Fremont Avenue and 35th Street in Seattle. In late November 2010 we got a good layer of snow, and I took these around 4:00 AM, before the daylight and the traffic would remove most of the white stuff on the streets. Also fortuitous was the timing of the snow storm with the placement of Christmas lights on the buildings and trees that time of the year.

This record also shows how magical the immediate few blocks were of the place we chose for North began his life in.