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Thursday, January 1, 1970

1964 or 65. First favorite song: The Kinks All Day and All of the Night

As a toddler one song came into my world with a strength so strong I credit it especially with taking an interest in music. The song was All Day and All of the Night by the Kinks.

I was 3 years old, and I remember sitting at the dinner table trying voice the chord progression of the song. I was more focused on the rhythm of the chords than the musical note values. I was singing "A fork, a fork, a fork fork fork fork". My sister Renee was sitting on the opposite side of the table, she was maybe 6 months old (definitely less than a year old). We lived in tiny house in an alley between Scott Street and Cumberland Street in downtown Little Rock Arkansas. We had a little record player and a radio. We had the vinyl single of the song, I even recall the record jacket.
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