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Thursday, January 1, 1970

First memory: The Bath Peeing Incident. Summer of 1962

1957 W 29th St. Little Rock Arkansas
My earliest memory is being bathed at my great grandmothers house at 1957 W 29th Street in Little Rock Arkansas map. My mom, great grandmother, and Aunt Linda were there. They were bathing me in the kitchen sink. I remember someone saying "Watch out, he might pee." When I heard that it gave me the idea to pee, just to mess with them. I did. I was in the sink, my tool aimed up, at them but more to the ceiling, and I let it go. Linda and my mom were nearest all the action, and they were surprised and laughing as it all happened. This was the summer of 62.

My mom was 20, Linda was a teenager, and my great grandmother was in her early 70's.
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